Encompass Lender Center stores and delivers documents using the industry standard Adobe Acrobat format. You will need Acrobat Reader 6.0 or greater to view or print documents.

What is the Encompass Lender Center?
It's a free service that allows you to receive electronic document packages from brokers who use Encompass as their loan origination system. Encompass is used by more than half of the nation's top 250 brokerages and over 100,000 originators nationwide. The Encompass Lender Center provides a safe and secure mechanism for brokers to send electronic loan documents to lenders.
How does it work?
The Encompass eFolder allows users to aggregate electronic loan documents. At any point in the loan process, the originator can submit a single document or multiple documents to the lender of there choice.
What makes this Web site secure?
128bit SSL encryption and a unique URL tied directly to the loan data provide a double layer of security. Only parties directly involved with the particular loan and only individuals who are sent the link to this site can login and view the confidential loan data.
Who is Ellie Mae?
Ellie Mae is a mortgage industry pioneer dedicated to facilitating communications between mortgage brokers, their partners, and their clients, all in a secure and compliant environment. Ellie Mae creates the tools needed to conduct business and truly automate the loan process from origination through closing.
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